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Web Designer Guide: Useful Information If You Want A New Career


Are you a creative or technical type of person? Are you interested in marketing, but at the same time, art and technology don't leave you cold? Maybe you should look for a new profession where you can use all your skills at the same time! Let's see what exactly web designers do.

A good web designer sees through every aspect of website design.
A good web designer sees through every aspect of website design.

The web designer is actually a man of the digital age, at least when it comes to web page creation, there is no area unknown to him. These professionals create or redesign websites. They know what it takes to make a website functional and easy to use, but also how to make it aesthetically pleasing to the user. They create the visual aspects of the websites in such a way that their client's messages and services appear as attractive as possible to the target audience.

Web design basics

Really good web designers have the following knowledge:

  • Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator (graphic design related).
  • They are familiar with color theory, typography, image editing and photography.
  • HTML and CSS coding are also part of their repertoire, so that the site works well technically.
  • UX design is their main weapon: their basic task is to increase the user experience so that the target audience can find solutions to their problems on the client's web interfaces.
  • He knows and understands content and technical SEO, so that the client's product or service is featured prominently in the search results.
  • He also understands analytical softwares that can monitor the performance of the finished website.
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Web designer skills

  • In addition to a great sense of style, the web designer is an excellent communicator who is able to listen and translate the client's requests.
  • Knows industry trends and conversations, customer and target group tastes.
  • Knows that the content is the king, which is highlighted by the design.
  • He is characterized by strategic thinking: he knows what makes a marketing plan effective.
  • He is constantly developing and training himself in order to have up-to-date knowledge.
  • The smart web designer is also able to build a team around him, since he knows that he cannot always handle so many things alone.

Salary of a web designer

We are talking about an industry that is growing at an amazing speed, just look at how your digital habits have changed even from one year to the next. We rely more and more on the web during our work, information acquisition, shopping, and everyday communication, so creating a website will certainly not go out of fashion anytime soon. According to recent data, UX designer is the second most sought-after creative profession, and freelance daily fees start at HUF 15,000 for juniors and can jump up to HUF 80,000 for a professional, experienced designer.

Web designer courses

You decided to go for it, great! But what school should you choose? What exactly should you learn? We can approach the question from several directions. If you are most attracted to the artistic aspect of the profession, immerse yourself in a visual university course. If you were to approach it from the side of programming, dive into the back-end or front-end. If sales is your passion, get started in (online) marketing. You should also know that universities provide a great theoretical basis and perspective, but you can only learn the practical elements with the help of mentors and specialists in the context of targeted training. It will be lifelong learning, you should know that, but that is exactly what makes this field so exciting, because it is characterized by continuous renewal.

Choose a course that provides up-to-date, intensive, goal-oriented, marketable knowledge where you can learn from recognized professionals. At the xLabs UX Bootcamp training, you will get to know the basics of the profession, the key areas of UX design, so armed with this knowledge, you can further train yourself in the field you have the most interest in.

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