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UX Bootcamp

UX Bootcamp

Module 1 - Begginer
1,490 EUR
1,490 EUR
Make your career future-proof! In our live online courses you can learn everything you need to know about UX design - from those who are worth learning from.
UX Bootcamp

About the course

What can you expect after you finished the course?
What can you expect after you finished the course?
You will gain knowledge and experience that is recognized by the industry professionals. You will gain extensive professional contacts and career opportunities in one of the most sought-after and best-paid areas of the market. Are you convinced?
What will you know by the end of the UX training?
What will you know by the end of the UX training?
You will get theoretical and hands-on knowledge on how to understand the goals of the users and how to create user interfaces that are not only fast and convenient to use, but also beautiful.
How is the UX Bootcamp course structured?
How is the UX Bootcamp course structured?
The 6-week online course consists of an online curriculum about 12 hours with reading materials and a weekly 4-hour practice where you work in a group or small groups. You did the math right: that's roughly 12 hours of theory, which we cover with almost two times as many exercises!

You deserve a better job!

UX design is not only sexy. UX design is the future. At the xLabs UX Bootcamp, we teach you all the essentials so that you can understand the basics of UX design and start your first UX job. We also connect you with those who can help you in this journey. Access all of this online, from home!

Who are we?

Meet our trainers

The trainers at xLabs are the best in the business who have encountered almost every existing UX challenge. And they solved them as well! Get to know them!
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About us

We are for lovable digital experiences

We believe that in the digital age, this is what the success of products, brands, campaigns, leaders and companies depends on. And the key to competitiveness will increasingly be on strong digital expertise, whether for employers or employees. Here we come into the picture.
UX Bootcamp

About the course

End of each week there is a workshop with hands-on training with our trainers and teaching assistants. They present the practical concepts of UX for four hours. Feel free to ask them, they will be happy to give you personal feedback on your work!
Keep in touch with your peers and instructors during the course on our Discord channel, read professional articles, and take part in informal discussions. And after the training, be part of the xLabs alumni community, get in touch with hundreds of our former students!
Soft Skills
Soft Skills
Being a UX Designer communication and self-awareness skills are extremely important. We place great emphasis on developing these skills. Define your goals, learn to give and receive feedback, solve team challenges!

What is the message of the training?

"We do everything for a reason. Let's have a goal, define a challenge. Then we can look for solutions. I think it's important to ask and give feedback to each other." - Péter Klein, Learning Design Manager of UX Bootcamp

Is this training for you?

Absolutely, if you work in one of the following areas:

  • Design, graphic, product design
  • Project or product management
  • Software Development
  • Marketing
  • Psychology
  • Architecture

But this is definitely the place for you even if you are open to digital design, improving user experiences, if you want to start a new career!

Do you work with digital products on the agency or client side and would you like to get a better understanding of UX design? Do you work with a design team as a manager or leader? Then the xLabs UX designer training is the place for you!

Do you want to dive into UX or UI design, but you don't feel confident enough about the basics yet? Join the UX Bootcamp training, where you will learn everything you need to move forward!

Don't be afraid to jump in if you come from a completely different area! Our alumni include designers who previously worked as teachers, lawyers, architects, photographers or economists.

What can you achieve within 6 weeks?

We show you what user experience design is, what a user experience designer does.

You will be fully aware of the basic concepts, and you can even try them out in practice.

You will understand the difference between exploratory and control research and learn to use both.

You will understand how a digital structure and information architecture is built.

You will learn how to build a wireframe and what the basic rules of user interface design are.

You will get to know the rules of clear, comprehensible copywriting.

You and your (current or future) UX designer colleagues will understand each other much better.

Why should you learn UX?

If your boss asks: investments spent on improving the user experience will return on average 2-100 times.

If the development team needs to be convinced: developers spend half of their time fixing bugs that could have been avoided with proper UX design.

If you talk to the marketing team: a well-designed user experience can result in up to 400% higher conversions.

If you want to boost your career: according to the latest data, UX designer is the second most sought-after creative profession.

Why choose xLabs UX training?

You can acquire marketable, ready-to-use knowledge from internationally recognized UX specialists.

The training is intensive and offers plenty of opportunities to try yourself in practice.

The course is short, but long enough to familiarize you with all the key areas of UX design.

You can be part of a close and diversified professional community, which you can count on during and after the training.

You can take part in hands-on UX training where the curriculum was developed by veteran xLabs trainers, and they will help you master it.

You can join the remote live training from anywhere, it doesn't matter which city or country you live in! All this in the form of evening and weekend training, so you don't have to rearrange your whole life.

What do you need for the training?

Primarily enthusiasm and desire to learn. Be open to working in a team, to improve, and to learn from the feedback you receive.

To participate in the training, you will need a modern computer, a stable Internet connection, a webcam and a microphone.

We provide all the necessary software and the corresponding tutorials.

Lectures and workshops are held in English, most of the recommended literature is also in English, so it is good if you can easily read English texts.

The training takes about 11 hours per week - spend at least that much to complete the 6 weeks with good results.

When can you apply?

Upcoming courses

Anytime we arrange to join a learing group as soon as possible. We usually start a group in every second month. Please fill out our enrollment form.
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UX Bootcamp

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