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UI Bundle

UI Bundle

Module 1+3
3,990 EUR
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3,990 EUR
Take your future into your hands, take advantage of xLabs and sign up for our complex UI course at a discount! In a total of 16 weeks, you can get from the basics to practical tasks, from research to beautiful user interfaces. The Bundle course combines the 6-week introductory course and the 10-weeks advanced UI course, which uses what was learned there through two shorter projects, and ends with a professional final presentation.
UI Bundle

About the course

How is the UI Bundle course structured?
How is the UI Bundle course structured?
The UI Bundle package is a combination of the 6-weeks Bootcamp course and the 10-weeks UI Design course, during which you can learn the secrets of UI design flexible online course multiple workshops as well as mentoring opportunities and presentations.
What will you understand by the end of the UI Bundle course?
What will you understand by the end of the UI Bundle course?
By the end of the course, you will be able to effectively communicate with users of any digital interface through visual elements. You will get to know the most important principles of UI design, well-known and less-known tricks, and you will also get hands-on knowledge on how to present your designs to others.
What will you understand by the end of the UI Design course?
What will you understand by the end of the UI Design course?
By the end of the course, you will know the most important principles of UI design, well-known and less-known tricks, and you will be able to design user-friendly and beautiful interfaces, as well as gain practice on how to present your designs to others.

You deserve a better job!

Every time you open a website, do you immediately notice how it could be prettier or better designed? Do you already know the basics of UX, do you know how to design a wireframe, and also interested in the visuality of the interface? Then xLabs UI designer training is for you! Develop your sense of beauty and get to know the entire toolkit, methods and process of UI design - both in theory and in practice!

Who are we?

Meet our trainers

"The trainers at xLabs are the best in the business who have encountered almost every existing UX challenge. And they solved them as well! Get to know them!"
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About us

We are for lovable digital experiences

We believe that in the digital age, this is what the success of products, brands, campaigns, leaders and companies depends on. And the key to competitiveness will increasingly be on strong digital expertise, whether for employers or employees. Here we come into the picture.
UI Bundle

About the course

An experienced xLabs mentor will help you define your goals, share his/her experiences, monitor your progress, and give you professional and individual advice. You can use the support of your mentor for several hours each week, flexibly, in a mutually determined time schedule.
Keep in touch with your peers and instructors during the course on our Discord channel, read professional articles, and take part in informal discussions. And after the training, be part of the xLabs alumni community, get in touch with hundreds of our former students!
You will work on interesting projects that were successfully presented at the Public Final Presentation of the UX Project course. You will work on mobile and desktop designs ready for delivery for 8 weeks, from the initial wireframe. With the projects, you gain valuable hands-on experience, and you can proudly include the results of your work in your portfolio.

Is this course for you?

Absolutely, if:

  • You have a good eye for details, you like to do accurate and spectacular work.
  • You want to develop, refresh or organize your existing UI skills, including your software, design, and aesthetic knowledge.
  • You want to transform your existing traditional graphic or designer skills into digital skills.
  • You deal with general graphic design or website creation, and you would specialize in designing digital interfaces.

Do you work with digital products on the agency or client side and would you like to get a better understanding of UI design?
Do you work with a digital design team as a designer or developer? Then the xLabs UI designer training is the best for you!

Do you want to dive into UX or UI design, but you don't feel confident enough about the basics yet? Join the UX Bootcamp training, where you will learn everything you need to move forward!

Don't be afraid to jump in if you come from a completely different area! Our alumni include designers who previously worked as teachers, lawyers, architects, photographers, or economists

What is 16 weeks enough for?

You get to know the basics of UX design, interviewing, and wireframes, and how to apply them.
We teach you to work in a team and to also how to work alone.
You will know how to impress users with grids, responsive design, letters, colors, shapes and sizes.
You are aware of the basics of UI design, the latest trends and little tricks, and you have already tried them in practice.
You can convince not only users with your designs, but also your clients using case studies or a presentation.
You'll also get on well with the developers: we'll show you how professional handover takes place in UI work.

Why should you learn UX?

Our first impression of websites is 94% design-related.
75% of people form an opinion about a given website based on its aesthetic appearance.
60% of users do not trust companies that do not pay enough attention to the mobile experience, and by the end of 2021, there will be 46 billion smart devices around the world

Why choose xLabs UX training?

Our UI training is strongly practice-focused and person-centered. That is why you can spend most of the course in a small group, as well as with your mentor, and there is also the possibility of a personal consultation every two weeks.
Our mentors are internationally recognized UI/UX specialists who are happy to share their practical experience and theoretical knowledge with you.
In order to provide you with the most marketable knowledge, before planning the training, we mapped out the requirements for junior UI, Visual and Product Designers.
Participating in the xLabs course is a perfect opportunity to get to know the professional network.You can join the online, live training from anywhere, it doesn't matter which city or country you live in!
All this in the form of evening training, so you don't have to rearrange your whole life.

What do you need for the training?

Primarily enthusiasm and desire to learn. Be open to working in a team, to improve, and to learn from the feedback you receive.
To participate in the training, you will need a modern computer, a stable Internet connection, a webcam and a microphone.
We provide all the necessary software and the corresponding tutorials.
Lectures and workshops are held in English, most of the recommended literature is also in English, so it is good if you can easily read English texts.
The Bootcamp training takes approximately 7 hours per week, the advanced UI Design course 12 hours per week - at least this much is needed to complete the 15 weeks with adequate results.

When can you apply?

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Anytime we arrange to join a learing group as soon as possible. We usually start a group in every second month. Please fill out our enrollment form.
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UI Bundle

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